Every day in our life's journey holds its own special treasures, if we have eyes to see...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Best Guy

I want to dedicate this blog entry to my amazingly patient and wonderful husband. I know there are a lot of nice guys in the world, but they don't bring me a cup of newly-brewed coffee and a freshly picked flower every morning.

They  may be smart, committed, and persevering, but they haven't guided our kids through the intricacies of algebra year after year, or endeavored to give them what only a father can, even if it is uncharted territory a lot of the time.

All those amazing guys out there may be brilliant at communication, but only one has spent 30 years trying to figure out how to live in harmony with me--and I've got to say--considering I don't understand myself more than half the time, that's a pretty big undertaking.

One of his more "serious" moments
He's encouraged my endeavors, been a keen and helpful editorial eye for many a writing project, and partnered with my desire to acquire horses, cows, and a house in the country, though he grew up with none of them and therefore could easily envision life without these often labor-intensive acquisitions.

There are way too many everyday kindnesses to even list the index here, sacrifices that might not appear meaningful if you didn't know the context, and I'm not sure if I could capture the sincerety, the humor, and the countless qualities that make up part of who he is. So I won't really try. I'll just say, "Happy Birthday ," and dedicate this song to the best guy in the world...