Every day in our life's journey holds its own special treasures, if we have eyes to see...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Of Blogs and Beginnings and other misc. Stuff

I'm pondering this blog--its beginnings way back in 2011. Originally, I began it as a way to chronicle my journey with Honor, my Quarter Horse-Arab gelding, as I sought to transform him from a snarky
and disrespectful rascal into a trail horse I'd feel safe and happy to ride. That, and to have a place share various musings and happenings. [See Musings, Horse Happenings, and Other Odds and Ends of Life]

Sunset house2That feels like a lifetime ago, in a way. A different life. The big Victorian house and 20-something acres with a milk cow, horses, chickens and the works exists now in memory and pictures, not in real-time. At least not for us. I loved the years we spent there--our family growing up. The green, green land, the rolling hills, the big gracious rooms and wrap around porches. It was magical. Perfect. I thought I'd be there the rest of my life. Host grandkids and holidays, and maintain my battle to keep flowerbeds weed free, animals healthy, and that type of thing. 

Now here we are, having traded Missouri for Northern California in 2012, rolling hills for mountains and miles and miles of trails to ride. I'm loving the smaller house. Less land to take care of. Having three chickens instead of 30 and one horse. Honor has become the wonderful trail horse I hoped he would become, so in a way, one of my original objectives for this blog has changed. But I continue to muse, so it's a good thing my title was multi-purpose!

I'm loving this adventure of life, this unfolding of new things. Not quite sure what shape these will lend to this blog, but like all of life, every step of the journey is the journey. So on that somewhat vague note I pause. Some of my original objectives still remain valid--that the everyday-ness of life has a dignity often uncelebrated, and all the people who are not famous--of which I am one--live their lives with every bit as much dedication, intensity, and hope as the few we see in the headlines. People matter. Their lives matter. You matter!