Every day in our life's journey holds its own special treasures, if we have eyes to see...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Musings, horse happenings, and other odds and ends of life.

The idea of writing a blog has niggled and nagged at me ever since I learned what it meant. Web log. Weblog. Blog. Not the prettiest name I've ever heard, and certainly not one I would have chosen. But then, no one asked me. Now that the word doesn't rattle my lyrical sensibilities quite as badly (due to the fact that the world is innundated with more blogs than a garden with a potato bug infestation), I've decided add yet one more to cyberspace.

So why would a relatively sane, very busy writer, wife, mom, and caretaker of various animals, flower gardens, and relationships even consider adding to the information overload or taking on another activity which by its very nature must be maintained if it is to survive,? As close as I can figure, here are my reasons: So much happens in day-to-day life--mostly small events, intense in their sweetness or their struggle. Many of these no one knows about or gets to enjoy. I find myself wishing to share odd moments on the off chance that others might relate, appreciate, or be encouraged in their own journeys.

Mine is not a famous or exciting lilfe, yet it is challenging, interesting, and emmminently satisfying (at least to me). Perhaps that fact, more than any other, is sufficient reason to start this blog: I belong to the rank and file of the world: those of whom the media has never heard nor likely ever will. I want people to know they matter even if they aren't famous, and that they are incredibly valuable. I want to encourage them to see the beauty in their lives, and to experience their hidden moments with new joy (things I'm trying to learn how to do myself, BTW!).

That, and I am undertaking to train our 8-year-old Quarab (Quarter horse/Arab cross) gelding, Honor, with the intent of turning him from "expensive lawn ornament" (a direct quote from my amazingly tolerant husband) into a trail horse I feel safe to ride. I half suspect a corollary, and expect to learn much more than how to turn a semi-onery animal into a one I feel in sync with. This, too, leads me to consider blogging. Call it self-therapy, but writing works that way for me--I experience, I go on about that experience, and when I read back over my words, I begin to understand.

Thus I embark, wondering what tomorrow holds and where our journeys will take us...


  1. Incredible beginning, mother dear. I look forward to eagerly anticipating each post.

  2. This makes my heart so happy to get to step into your life on a more daily bases.:) Love you!

  3. thank you, Leslie, for taking the time and energy and being such a wonderful encourager. I appreciate you. Keep up the good work.