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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Resolution

Okay. I know I'm already too late to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. But in one way, I don't mind, because there's something that bugs me about the practice of setting apart one day out of the year to be something I have equal reason to be the other 364 days (thankful). In spite of this pet peeve, the truth is that I could be a whole lot more mindful of the many blessings in my life.

The news is so full of catastrophe, cruelty, and chaos that it is easy to begin to view the world through a darkened lens. But every day, all over the earth, people--regular people whom the media will never mention--love, laugh, and live with honor. Flowers still bloom. Cats still purr. Babies still grin their toothless grins. Beautiful realities, these, and I know which viewpoint I want to focus on. To quote Bill Johnson, I want to "Celebrate who people are, rather than stumble over who they are not."

I got to thinking about this in regards to my journey with Honor. Not that long ago, I had become so focused on what he was not that I could not see what he was. But once I began to look for the good in him, he has continued to amaze me with how quickly he learns and how willing he is to try whatever I ask him to do. I never saw these strengths when I was concerened about his busy feet and his lack of ground manners.

He is the same horse.

I just have different eyes.

This next year, I want to walk with a greater awareness of the things that are right, whether it's in the world, my community, or my circle of family and friends. And you know, I have a feeling that if I can look with this deeper sight, come next Thanksgiving, I'll have an even longer list of blessings to count :-)


  1. As always, I loved this post! Thank you for sharing. It's so wonderful that Honor is starting to show improvement. Good for you.

  2. Once again, thank you, Leslie, for your thoughts. As you pointed out so poignantly,a thankful heart changes perspective---thankfully!!! I look forward to your next post!