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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mother Thoughts

I've been thinking a lot about mothers lately. Besides the fact that I am one, and have opportunity every day to mother my kids, an epic thing has occurred: a little baby girl has been born. I know that every child is a miracle, and I never cease to feel amazement and joy at just how perfect each one is. But this birth is different because the peaceful little mite of a being just happens to be my first grandchild. Yes! I have joined the doting grandparent club, membership dating from February 2, 2012.

Though it's been a while since I pondered newborn wonders, I  do spend the bulk of my time mothering: I'm in the season of learning how to mother adult children while still parenting three teens. So it has been sweet, in these past few days, to re-visit mother-thoughts of an earlier day.

Truly, mother love is a deep and wondrous thing. In a moment we are transformed into selfless hearts that beat only to give life and love and peace to the little one we hold in our arms. Our world expands to encompass the universe, while simultaneously being reduced to meeting the primary needs of  food and comfort. And that love does not diminish. It deepens, widens, stretches, so that it may continue to hold the child as he or she grows--up, up, up into adulthood where we may get periodic breaks from providing food, but still have unlimited opportunity to learn the nuances of providing comfort and connection.

I am not speaking as an expert, but as a learner here. I think I have done okay in the care-giving arena over the years--food, warmth, clothing, safety--but the whole realm of connecting on the heart level is one which I have always felt like a mix between an explorer and a pioneer. Much of it is uncharted ground for me. How do you do this thing called "loving well"? Everytime I open up new territory, I long not just to stake a claim, but to plant trees and prove up on that ground in order to create lasting habitation where love can bloom and grow and fill the earth with fruit.

It's that way in all our relationships, really--parent-child, husband-wife, brother-sister, friend, grandparent-grandchild. There is exploration. There is the sowing, the tending, the watering. Yes, it's work, and yes, sometimes we grow weary. But there's never a question of not pressing forward, for love compells us toward a sure reward. Of this I am reminded afresh as I watch my granddaughter, memorizing her tiny sweetness and remembering that long-ago yet not so far away morning when I cradled her mother in my arms for the very first time. Ah yes! Love is infinitely worth the investment.


  1. I know I have said it before, but it is worth repeating. You are an exceptional writer.

  2. Oh, my, Leslie, that was wonderful. I look forward to hearing your heart each time and then I read the posts again and again. That baby is precious and so blessed. And a big "Amen" to Keven's comment!

  3. I am completely brought to tears. Love you so much!