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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

River Birch Bend

Setting forth
Over five years ago, my youngest daughter and I saddled up Journey and Ginger (our Welsh pony who was only 30-years-old at the time and still able to be ridden) and wove our way through field and stream, deep into the Corps land that lies behind our house in west-central Missouri. By some miracle, we actually found an enchanted place we christened "River Birch Bend". Next time, we agreed, we must pack a lunch, come sit upon the creek bank, and soak in the solitude and beauty.

But somehow we never quite did that, and then Ginny got too old to ride, (and no person with half a wit would ever venture into the Missouri woods in summer on foot unless they had a love affair with chiggers or had marinated themselves in bug spray). Therefore it was only this summer that we set out on horseback  to re-discover River Birch Bend.

Was it three fields over and then across the creek and down, or was it two fields, then forge into the woods? No, and no. But after three attempts, dense and poison ivy laced undergrowth and a few impressive wounds, we found it once again.This time, we  marked it so that whether we struck the trail head at top or bottom, we would not end up beating our way cross-country and wishing ourselves back home.

Why am I relating this? Because four weeks ago, I took my last ride on Journey for what may be a very long time. Down through the creek bottoms, dappled by dancing shadows of leaves and streaks of sunlight, this special horse and I wended our way to to River Birch Bend. It seemed fitting that I would say goodbye to Missouri this way before she went to start the next chapter in her life journey and I in mine...

Wow. I started this blog entry just as we left for our new home in northern California, whereafter, it languished unfinished while whatever brilliant or un-brilliant thing I was going to say disappeared beneath a slew of unpacking, article deadlines, and getting acquainted with a whole new chapter.

So, I think, rather than trying to figure out whatever it was I was going to say, I will just share this video of our last ride, (can't figure out why I can't change it from sideways to right-side-up, but oh well...)

and say that I'm loving this new adventure, challenges and all, while Journey has settled into her new home with the beauty and grace with which she always approaches life.

Abigail on Journey--2012

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