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Friday, November 2, 2012


Brandy Creek
Philosophy has never been of burning  interest to me.

Those who know me might well consider this an understatement. Questions which have no real bearing on living life well usually hold little attraction for me, though sometimes I feel apologetic about that, as if a more leisurely and gracious me would dabble there occasionally, just because she could.

In spite of that, a philosophical thought not only actually occurred to me, but managed to capture me one lovely autumn afternoon this past week:

Is a moment only a moment--here, then gone, existing henceforth only in memory--or is a moment actually a tiny portal of eternity-a pinpoint at which time and timelessness touch and are forever merged? 

Weighted with our yesterdays and fueled by tomorrow's dreams, is this moment we're living right now pinned to a point on our earthly timeline by our conscious mind and simultaneously stored for us outside of time in a continuum beyond that which our senses can register?

I wonder...

October Colors
As a finger touches a mirror and is in its turn touched by the reflection of a reflection of a reflection as it runs on into infinity, do moments echo-and therefore exist-forever?

And if so, does a moment relived in memory happen only inside our minds, or do our hearts reach into that other realm to live again the essence of the moment?

Without building a belief system around this line of thought, I do very much like it. "He has put eternity in our hearts...", and I, for one, am very glad about that, for there are far too many beautiful moments and beautiful things in life to have them exist for just one fleeting instant in time...


  1. Wow sister, wonderful thoughts. The kind of philosophical thinking that is a joy to me. As you well know, I do enjoy a bit of philosophy, but I must agree that some of the "I think therefore I am" stuff does not nourish the soul very well; however, things that touch the "eternal" and "truth" can be a joy to ponder. Where philosophy intersects these things it becomes beautiful. Thanks for the spiritual food.

    Missing You, Kevin