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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The New in New Year

Honor out on the trail
A new year lays ahead of us, just a couple of weeks in and still unexplored. I don't typically make resolutions at the New Year, because frankly, though I'm great at starting things, about mid-year I tend to lose contact with the why behind the do, so this year I'm saving myself that mid-summer "what's-it-all-about" feeling by trying to focus on the important things in life: loving well, seeking peace, being thankful.

But a recent conversation has given rise to a different kind of New Year's resolution. What if every day we tried one new thing? Not just one new thing, but one new FUN thing. Life gets so serious sometimes. At least mine tends to, and I forget to do things just for fun.

Marker on the new trail we took today
It doesn't have to be epic, scary, or costly. It can be as small as taking a new route to get home or trying a new recipe for dinner, or as big as taking on a new sport or musical instrument. It's not about the size of the new thing, but the fact that it is new and fun.

So, without turning it into a self-imposed task that I can fail at--that wouldn't be fun, would it?--I am embarking on a year of fun, new experiences. I'm not sure what that is going to look like--so far I've explored a new recipe, learned a new car game, worn leather for the first time--but by this time next year, I figure I'll have a whole lot better idea of what is fun for me, and just how important a little bit of spice is in the great stewpot of life as we know it.

How about you? Happy Fun New Year!

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  1. Thanks for sharing-I know riding and filming are not too easy!