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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Capturing Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us, but I feel as if I'm running after it, trying to capture its essence as if it were an elusive snowflake caught on a current of wind. So I play carols on spotify. I stare at the lights on our Christmas tree, and I ponder how to "feel" Christmas-y
  And I also wonder:

Where has Christmas magic      gone?

Did I leave it in the land of childhood where
We breathed the rare air
Of bigger-than-life hopes and dreams
All hanging on the happenings
Of one December night
When sleigh bells 
And angel songs 
Shimmered the air 
Like silvering of the veil between seen and not seen?

When did sleepless eves of Christmas past
Bright lights and starry eyes
Give way to growing up?

And when did suspension of belief 
Meld slowly into a surer and less sweet knowledge that magic,
Christmas magic,
Is fragile?

I don't have those answers,

But I do know this:
Christmas magic may be fragile 
And yet it endures

Preserved by the strong belief of children
And the strong love of adults who hold the stage curtains as backdrop

For a generation who in their turn will grow up and light the lights, 
Play the music,
Tell the Birthday story,

And keep Christmas magic shimmering
And alive for one more year.

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