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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Journey and Honor

This morning I'm sitting on my porch swing before the heat descends. A cacophony of bird sounds permeates the air--roosters crow, hens cluck and call, barn swallows warble and a mockingbird trills out all sorts of songs. There is a breeze--soft, rain-scented, and all the flowers curtsy and bow as it passes by. Such a perfect place for musing, and what I'm thinking about this morning is the name of this blog: Journey with Honor. Those who did not follow from the first few postings will not know that this is a multi-purpose, or rather a multi-layered name.

I began it here and here, as I embarked upon a journey with my Arab-quarterhorse gelding, Honor. At the same time, the lessons I was learning in the natural realm lent themselves to other aspects of life and relationships as well. And just to add to the wordplay or confuse the issue, we also have a horse named Journey. So "JourneywithHonor" is about our horses, Journey and Honor, it's about my journey with Honor, and it's about living life's journey with honor.

Why ponder this at this time? Because two of the original three purposes for this blog are changing.  Journey goes to a new home at the end of August. In my last post, I referred to a friend who has begun her own horse journey. What I didn't mention is that her adventure is made possible by her own courage to pursue her dream, and by our Morgan-cross mare, Journey, the embodiment of the dream. As my family and I re-locate to Northern California for at least the school year, Journey (and her faithful companion, good old Ginger, our 30+ year-old Welsh pony) will begin a new adventure and be part of someone else's journey.

I find this very satisfying and appropriate, for Journey was a dream come true for me--a horse lover who had been "horse-less" since I left the farm I grew up on. She has been the perfect horse to begin with after a twenty-year hiatus--so calm and sweet, so willing and eager on the trail, so beautiful. It makes my heart glad that she can once more be the fulfillment of someone's dream. It speaks to me of the goodness of God and how He cares about all the little things in our lives.

Then there is Honor. I want to take Honor with me, and I find that, too, symbolic. Wherever we go, we have a choice to take honor with us into our interactions with people. So I am not done with Honor. But--and here the allegory breaks down a bit--I can't take him with me right now. So he will join a small herd of well-loved horses where he will have companionship and care, and depending on our long-term plans, will ultimately journey to California where he and I will ride all over the mountains there.

So even though Journey will stay in Missouri, enjoying the woods and the rolling hills, exploring new paths with a dreamer on her back, my journey with Honor and my journey with honor is still unfolding. I don't know what shape upcoming adventures will take. I do know there will be new lessons learned, new allegories unfolded, new frontiers to explore. All of life holds secrets. Mysteries. Connections. And whenever we walk those out with honor, great things can happen!


  1. Journey and Honor aren't the only friends you're leaving behind. We will all miss you terribly even as we wish you blessings and good fortune.

    1. Thanks so much Sue. I will have to find my way back to see everybody! So many good friends. As Jody pointed out, thank goodness for online communications. It makes the distance seem not so far...

  2. I once heard someone say "everything changes, that's what life is". While I think that life is much more than that, there is something about the phrase that touched me in my heart when I heard it. It really is with us at every step; yet, our tendancy is to resist it, trying to hold on to the security of the present. Odd isn't it. When I think of all the blessings God has brought me, it seems all of them were preceded by some change in my day to day life, often a major change. In fact, is seems that the greater the change or the more risky the step, the greater the blessing the Lord gave as a result. Meeting your family was a huge change in my life, a major turning point. As I read your words here, tears well in my eyes. This is I think, something to rejoice in, as am thinking of the wonderful experience of being so closely tied to your family over the last five years. I cannot imagine my life without this chapter; it is so much a part of my spiritual self. So now we enter a new chapter. How exciting it is to wonder what the Lord is going to bring. Something that in the future you will regard as a vital part of your soul. I am just delighted that I am a character in the Wyatt story. The adventure for all of us is only begining.

    1. Thanks so much for your wise words, dear friend. We're just turning the page to a new chapter, but all the characters are still in the story. This makes me very happy :-)

  3. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Don't go! Even though our paths don't cross as often as I wish they would and could, I don't like this moving thing one bit! As you say, thankful for online communications! And, please keep writing your blogs. I look for them every now and then and am so happy when I find a new one has been posted. God speed and hurry back when you can!